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You probably have read a thousand articles saying “here’s how you make your executives / employees / partners understand and adopt an Enterprise Social Network solution. Here are the things you must tell / teach them.”

I think there’s something wrong here. Why would a very useful tool need to be explained in so much detail, with so many different ways? Are we missing some crucial ingredient in these systems? Maybe the answer is in Visual Management?

An example: an ESN solution might have (at least Connections and Yammer have this) a group or community feature for organizing a team’s work. They might have file sharing, short messaging, ability to upload photos and such easily, even with your mobile device. This is all good. But, I’m not seeing much of the following: a visual war room view of the team’s goals and our progress towards them, a map of the team members locations to coordinate their actions (for example a some kind of service team), graphs about how many of the hundred team members have acted on a set of important documents. Etc. Or even a Kanban style task board, with shared tasks and a quick glance type of view on “what is on the table now”.

All we see is text and pictures, maybe some likes and shares here and there, sometimes replies. Yes, as it is in Facebook or Twitter. But, does that help the manager to see what is up with the team or the team’s goals? I think there’s still huge room for improvement and adding some Visual Management type of features would probably make selling of these solutions easier, because you could actually show what is happening.

What do you think about this?

For more about Visual Management, check google or check this:



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