Where is work?

Found this from Twitter today: “Work happens whereever you are. You are work, Work is you.”

The original source is a talk, referenced in this blog: http://connaxions.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/more-insights-from-the-basement-–-ism-forum-part-2/

I agree with this. Work is maybe 8 hours but if the thing I’m working on is something I really believe needs to be done and is important, I don’t mind thinking about it in overtime. Also, in the digital environment, work is a lot of times in our heads only. It’s about ideas and putting those ideas into real life action. Sometimes the ideas come in the evenings when the official work time is over. It’s not like I can control it that much. Of course this sets a lot of pressure to take care of the brain. Sleep, getting enough off-time from digital gadgets, getting some quality movement and food, all very important today. Even if the work is very digital, we are still physical beings.

A related inforgraphic, titled Office Bliss, shows how engangement in one’s work brings better results and makes people happier.


A quote:

These are the top things that lead to employee job satisfaction.

Each point represents the percentage of employees whose work exhibits these characteristics and feel they are happy with their work.  Ie 63% of workers who feel their jobs are secure report happiness at work.

  • Secure jobs 63%
  • Benefits 60%
  • Compensation/pay 57%
  • Opportunities to use skills and abilities 55%
  • Feeling safe in the work environment 54%
  • Relationship with supervisor 52%
  • The work itself 50%
  • Independence 47%
  • Work-Life balance 46%
  • Corporate Culture 45%

Seems work happiness issues come down to very basic issues. I’ve read similar things about the hot topic, innovation. It’s about having a secure and relaxed environment, a competent and human supervisor, ability to use your personal skills etc. So, when we are in a engaged tribe, we feel better about what we do together and do better work.

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