Work, values and Tony Schwartz’s book

I thought I’d write up a small note of Tony Schwartz’s excellent book, Be Excellent At Anything:

It’s a book about many things in today’s work life, here’s the key takeaways for me:

  • the so called well being at work comes down to simple but not easy issues: who are you and why you are doing what you do? What are your deep values and does your work align with them?
  • your values show themselves in what you do
  • work is like a sport. You have a goal, and many ways to get towards the goal
  • going balls to the ball and bragging how hard you work is not the best option for performance, same as in training for a sport
  • intentense intervals and good rest is better than going hard and steady all the time
Loads of good practical stuff in the book. I would say that of the books I’ve read related to wellbeing at work or work culture this ranks very high. It’s almost like Harre’s book on sport science for today’s work world 🙂 I highly recommend both!
I especially like the way there’s many questions for the reader, for example a task to align your most valued aspects of life to the time you spend taking care of them. Sometimes the answers are not “nice” but I think this makes it more valuable and it might shake things up. I believe that this is one way to find and look at the inner motivation, which is required for any meaningful progress in the long term.
So, go and read this one!

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