JBoye11 afterthoughts

I had the change to attend the JBoye 2011 Web and Intranet conference this week. The themes were such as mobility, social intranets, healthcare, future and user experience. It was a great experience because the athmosphere was very open and welcoming and also quite informal.
I think this unique athmosphere encouraged sharing of experiences, which I had the change to do with social business gurus and keynote speakers and colleagues from all over.

What more can I ask? Maybe in depth discussion and debate with a peer over the role of sauna in the cultures of Denmark and Finland? Or a morning run with the Vikings? Oh wait, that happened too!

Anyway, in the Liip blog there’s a better and clearer blog post of the event, check it out here:

Attending the event was a powerful reminder of how important it is to meet and share experiences with people from different places and organisations. Sometimes at work, you get kind of speed blind and forget that there are many others who share similar challenges. Why keep them to ourselves?

So, in the blast of inspiration from the event, I decided to start this new blog (I have an other one for discussing health and kettlebell sport stuff in Finnish) to share work related issues because “sharing is caring”.

Thanks a lot JBoye11 and the people who made it happen!


3 thoughts on “JBoye11 afterthoughts

  1. Thanks Marko. It was great to meet you in person in Aarhus and I really enjoyed our 4 days together!

    I would love to welcome you as a guest contributor with a blog posting on jboye.com.You could share a success story or an unsolved challenge. Either way, we would give you some feedback and feature you in our monthly newsletter. In addition we would link back to this blog and promote it to other web & intranet professionals around the world.

    See you in 2011!

    Long May You Run


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