Where is work?

Found this from Twitter today: “Work happens whereever you are. You are work, Work is you.” The original source is a talk, referenced in this blog: http://connaxions.wordpress.com/2011/11/07/more-insights-from-the-basement-–-ism-forum-part-2/ I agree with this. Work is maybe 8 hours but if the thing I’m working on is something I really believe needs to be done and is important, I … More Where is work?

Work, values and Tony Schwartz’s book

I thought I’d write up a small note of Tony Schwartz’s excellent book, Be Excellent At Anything: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/Be-Excellent-at-Anything-Tony-Schwartz/9781451610260?a_aid=ms3000 It’s a book about many things in today’s work life, here’s the key takeaways for me: the so called well being at work comes down to simple but not easy issues: who are you and why you … More Work, values and Tony Schwartz’s book

JBoye11 afterthoughts

I had the change to attend the JBoye 2011 Web and Intranet conference this week. The themes were such as mobility, social intranets, healthcare, future and user experience. It was a great experience because the athmosphere was very open and welcoming and also quite informal. I think this unique athmosphere encouraged sharing of experiences, which … More JBoye11 afterthoughts